Science and Religion are in the Same Boat
Essay Submitted to: Martha Woodroof
WMRA Radio (Morning Edition), Harrisonburg, Va., U.S.A.

It is no secret that science and religion have been doing intellectual battle for centuries. What these two forces seem to have missed is the realization that both are in the same boat of human experience; both are looking for answers to how they got in that boat and where that boat is headed.

Both camps should understand that their real enemy is ignorance, not the other side. As the Apostle Paul proclaimed in his letter to the Church at Corinth, "...now we see through a glass darkly; ...now (we) know in part (only)....."

Most religionists find adequate evidence to feel secure in such beliefs as:

a. The complexity of both plant and animal life requires an intelligent Planner.
b. There is a supernatural realm of existence that cannot be explained by physical law only.
c. The Designer, Planner communicates with His creation through such avenues as the holy written
Word, circumstances, and conscience.

On the other hand, some of the questions that religionists continue seeking FULL answers to are:

a. How has this Designer existed eternally?
b. Does He fit the human definition of "good?"
c. Why are there natural disasters causing pain and suffering?

At the same time, most scientists find enough evidence to proclaim their belief is such "facts" as:

a. A round earth.
b. A force called gravity, and
c. The universe having no "edge."

However, there are also numerous questions that the scientific community has not answered to the satisfaction of many; for example:

a. How could the complexity of life come about by
b. Why should one believe the proposition that micro evolution is proof of macro evolution when such linkage has not been demonstrated.
c. Why should one believe that order in the universe arose from chaos?

Yes, science and religion are in the same boat of human experience as they search for truth. Consequently, let the debate between the two camps be set within a framework of respect, humility, and civility.

Fillmer Hevener, Ed. D.
Pastor, Guthrie Memorial Chapel
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