The thesis of this book is that the fledgling Christian church, immediately after the crucifixion of Christ, began using free-will giving, not tithing, for support of the Christian Church and its evangelistic and humanitarian work.  Tithing is an illegal carry-over from the Ceremonial Law, which was annulled at the death of Christ when the temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, signifying that the Ceremonial system had come to an end.
This book’s research presents historical information as well as the Biblical teaching on tithing (Old and New Testaments). Also studied are tithing’s purposes and use, which show that any Christian church using tithe as its economic base, should present this plan as a business practice, not as a moral and theological dogma.
Except for relevant historical and exegetical information, this writer uses only Biblical sources.  The Christian’s standard of belief must be the Bible, the “law and the testimony”(Isaiah 8:20), not church, Pope, prophet, tradition, or committee.
After reading this hard-hitting research study by Dr. Fillmer Hevener, you will never again view support of the church in the same light. For example: Is your bishop, pastor or priest, who accepts tithe, a Levite?  Only Levites could accept tithe.  This book will reveal other shocking truths about the deception and error being taught by “tithing churches.” 
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