A Summary of Why I Will Not, As a Christian Pastor, Accept Tithe.


  1. Christ died ďonce for all.Ē The NEED for the Ceremonial system of animal sacrifices, the human priesthood, and tithing were made void by Christís death on the cross; we live in the historic period after the Cross.

    a. To continue any of the practices identified above, would deny the adequacy of Christís death, Christís sacrifice for the sins of mankind.

    b. To deny Christís sacrifice, equals eternal death. Acts 4:12.
  2. Even if I should choose to deny the adequacy of Christís death by practicing any element of the earthly sacrificial system, as a matter of consistency, I would need to follow all of the Ceremonial Law, Lev. 27: 28-33.

    a. Only Levites could accept tithes. Paul was not a Levite; he could not legally accept tithes. Is your pastor, who accepts tithes, a Levite?

    b. Only farmers were commanded to tithe (miners, fishermen, lumbermen, and day-laborers were not mentioned.)

    c. Tithe was to be accepted on crops and herds.

    d. Farmers with fewer than ten animals did not tithe (only the tenth was tithed.)

    e. Every third and sixth year of the sabbatical cycle, a part of the tithe went to the homeless, the widows, and orphans (Deut 14: 22-29.) Some churches that require tithing, teach that tithe is not to be used for charity.

    f. Israelites were discouraged from paying tithe in money instead of produce. To pay tithe in money, the farmer had to add 20% (Lev. 27:31.) Today, churches that require tithing, want money, not produce, and no premium is required for paying tithe in money.

    g. Priests were mediators; Christ, not pastors, is our Mediator, Heb. 9:24.
  3. After the Cross, Christís teachings of caring for the needy and spreading the good news, is to be supported by free-will gifts, Acts 18: 1-3; 2 Thess. 3:6-13; Matt. 25: 34-36. One need not contribute less using free-will giving!
CONCLUSION: Therefore, I will not deny Christís sacrifice and accept tithe, a requirement of the Ceremonial Law, that was eradicated by Christís death.

What will you do with Biblical truth? You may ignore it; you may consciously disobey it; or you may follow it.

May the Holy Spirit guide you in deciding for truth.1 Sam. 15:22.


Fillmer Hevener, Pastor



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