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GMC Mission Outreach - Africa


Pastor George Otara, Kenya
Baptism at the Magena Church

Pastors Evans Nyangau and George Otara

Pastor Otara's School Children in Class, Kenya

Pastor Otara's School Children

Pastor Otara, his Sister-in-law, and the Sewing Machine donated by Guthrie Memorial Chapel.

Pastor Otara and Pastor Luka in Tanzania

Pastor Otara meeting with Pastor Lucas in Front ot
Building Used for Church

Pastor Otara and Pastor Lucas with Church Members in
Kenyan children learning about God.

Youth worship Christ at Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

Church members in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, engaging in various activities

Pastor Otara's Mission Trip to Kisii, Kenya

Child with cleft mouth and other children

Pastor Otara with orphans

Pastor Julius Lenkume, Kenya

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Pastor Lenkume uses donated funds to purchase quality seeds for farmers.

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Pastor Okon Akpan, Nigeria

Orphan children in Lagos.

Orphan children in ITU.

Orphan Children.

Pastor Okon Akpan and his family

A burned out orphanage

Pastor Thomas Effiong, Nigeria

Pastor Effiong, his wife, and his elder

Pastor Effiong's congregation

The banner at Pastor Effiong's church and his congregation


Pastor David Amaji, Nigeria

Pastor David Amaji, of Aba-aba State, Nigeria. He recently started keeping the Bible Sabbath.
(Pastor of 8 churches in Nigeria)

Brother Fi Dele and family, Rwanda

Life-Way G. Church, Kisii, Kenya

Young orphans standing outside

Older orphans

Orphans together

Sabbath service at Life-Way G. Church, which joined The Hevener Church on July 15, 2010

Life-Way G. Church witnessing at a Sunday church

One of the first patients being treated (March, 2011) at the clinic of Life-Way G. Church

Camp Meeting, 2011

Pastor Samwel baptizing souls into the faith, Aug. 2011

150 souls were baptized, 2011

Sabbath worship service, Aug. 2011

Receiving a box of Bibles for distribution, 2011

Dedicated elders receive Bibles and want to share the Word, 2011

Women's ministry giving Bibles for their Evangelism efforts  2011

Carpenters making school desks 2011

Life scene in northern Kenya  2011

Single parent in drought-stricken northern Kenya 2011

Sister Betty Dama giving a talk

Some of our church youth

Our main church choir

Picture of Betty Dama

Pastor Yussuf and Bro. Elias

Camp Meeting, 2012


Sister Betty distributes Bibles in Kenya mission work, 2012

Remodeled dormitory

Pastor Joseph Gomez, Ghana

Pastor Gomez and family

Pastor Julius Nchaga, Kisii, Kenya

Pastor Julius Nchaga and our sister church family, Kisii, Kenya, May, 2011

Pastor Julius Nchaga and his personal family, Kisii, Kenya, May, 2011

Pastor Yussuf Nmameri, Kenya
Pastor Yussuf Nmameri and church children, 2011.
Pastor Mutebi Dickson, Uganda

Pastor Mutebi Dickson testing soil being prepared for planting, Hevener School, Uganda

Plowing land for vegetable garden, Hevener School

Planting in Uganda, 2012

Pastor Mutebi Dickson and his wife Betty standing in front of the Hevener School.

Candidates going to baptism, 2012

Baptizing in Uganda, 2012

Radio station carrying Pastor Dickson's message, 2012.

Words of Hope, Uganda, 2012

Pastor Dickson listening to Pastor Hevener's sermon, 2012.

Pastor Mutebi Dickson on motorbike, 2012.

Hevener School harvest,  2012.

brothers and friends, 2012.

Sending Bibles to churches, 2012.

Farming in Uganda, 2012.

Adult Song Serivce, 2012.

Land for Hevener church, Buvuma, 2012.

Betty Dickson after crossing Lake Voctoria, 2012.

New home church in the Matuga Wakiso district, 2012.

The new home church currently meets in a courtyard 2012.

Bumeva land donated for the church, 2012.

Bumeva students in class at Bumuva, 2012.

Pastor and Mrs. Dickson going for the Sabbath at Buvuma, 2012.

Farewell lunch for Pastor and Mrs. Samson before they leave for Buvuma, 2012.

Farewell lunch for Pastor Samson, 2012.

Members saying goodbye to Pastor Samson, 2012.

Corn harvest at the Hevener school, 2012.

Storing corn in the granary, 2013.

Buvuma Island church under construction, 2013.

Pastor Dickson and friends harvesting bananas, 2013.

Hauling bananas, 2013.

Preparing the floor for the conference center, 2013.  

Brother Kaddu, a generous donor, 2013.

Water flowing from the new well, 2013.  

Planting trees, 2013.

Sister Grace planting trees, 2013.  

First baby goat, Bumuva Island, 2013.

Dedicating the conference site, 2013.  

Starting the new clinic near Kampala, 2014.

The clinic in its final stages of completion, 2015.

The clinic is almost ready to serve the community, 2015.

Cow and calf of Pastor Dickson, 2015.

Cow donated by Guthrie Memorial Chapel, 2015.

Evangelism in the bush, 2016.

Chairs for the Uganda church, 2016.

Pastor Lodrig, Burundi and the Congo

Pastor Lodrig at Burundi, 2012.

Pastor Dickson visiting Burundi, 2012.

Pastor Lodrig


Ann Gordon, South Africa

Ann Gordon, Bible Worker for Guthrie Memorial Chapel and the Hevener Church, 2014.


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