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Letter from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, dated July 24, 2007

The following is a copy of the second letter received from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists' legal department demanding that Guthrie Memorial Adventist Chapel change its name.

General Conference
World Headquarters

Office of General Counsel

12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, Maryland
20904-6600 USA
Telephone (301) 680-6320
Fax (301 680-6329

July 24, 2007
Mr. Fillmer Hevener
Route 2, Box 1425
 Farmville, VA 23901

Re: Guthrie Memorial Adventist Church

Dear Dr. Hevener:

Thank you for your letter of July 15, 2007. Perhaps we neglected to attach the trademark/service mark registrations for the mark ADVENTIST®, which belong to the Seventh-day Adventist® Church (see attached). The registrations cover numerous categories, including specifically "religious observances and missionary services," with the first use in commerce dating back to 1860. These registrations establish that the Seventh-day Adventist® Church has the exclusive right to use these marks for the stated purposes, despite any claims that the mark is "generic."

Like you, we also favor avoiding secular courts if at all possible, which is why we sent our original letter asking that you choose another name to identify your religious organization. We are hopeful that in the spirit of Christian brotherhood we can resolve this matter amicably without invoking the power of the courts, to which we are entitled by virtue of our protected marks. In the event that we cannot resolve this amongst ourselves, we will have no choice other than to enforce our rights before a judicial tribunal.

We thank you for the notice that there is an organization operating in the Potomac Conference that uses the name Seventh-day Adventist® but is not a part of the sisterhood of Churches. We were not aware of this group and will take all of the necessary steps to protect the name of our Church in that instance as well.

Again, please understand that our request for you to immediately cease and desist from using the name ADVENTIST to identify your religious organization does not stem from your beliefs pertaining to almsgiving or any other tenet. It is simply based on the fact that your organization's use of the name ADVENTIST in connection with your religious observances and missionary services is confusingly similar to the use of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church in the same areas of  classification. Therefore we must respectfully


F. Hevener
Re: Guthrie Memorial Adventist Church
July 24, 2007
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demand that you cease and desist from your use and provide us with written assurances that such has taken place as stated in our July  5, 2007 correspondence.


(signed) Robert E. Kyte
General Counsel

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