From: Fillmer Hevener, Ed. D., (434) 392-6255
224 Mohele Road, Farmville, Va. 23901

Dear Editor:

Sanford M. McDonnell, Chairman emeritus of the former McDonnell Douglas Corporation, wrote: “We in the business world don’t want young people coming into our employment and into our communities who are brilliant, but dishonest; who have great intellectual knowledge, but don’t really care about others; who have highly creative minds, but are irresponsible. All of us…need to do our part in helping build young people of high character.”

Although most of us can agree that the first place where character building should take place is in the home, we also know that school plays a prominent role in forming the values of youth.

Virginia’s Board of Education should consider developing and approving values training for public school students. Such learning units and course(s) should include the study of fundamental human questions such as: Why are we here? How did we get here? Is death final? How should we treat others? Why is assuming responsibility important? Why is honesty preferable to dishonesty? What is the value of objectivity?

Bob Chase wrote: “I believe that a values vacuum exists in American society, and that teachers must not be casual…about confronting it.”

The time is here for us Virginians to demand that our public schools teach not just the three R’s, but V (values) as well. Producing honorable students as well as informed students is necessary for the survival of a strong Virginia and America as we move into 2010.


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