Fillmer Hevener, Ed. D.


Successful teaching is not an accident.  The successful teacher follows certain instructional principles, some of which are given below for your help.


1.     At the beginning, clearly state the purpose of the lesson.


2.     Be prepared.  In good teaching, there is no room for slothfulness.


3.     Stay on topic.  Wandering suggests a lack of understanding of the purpose of the lesson. (No matter how interesting another topic may be, if it doesn’t enhance the purpose of the lesson, stay away from it.)


4.     Involve class in discussion by asking pertinent, penetrating 

     higher level questions. (Lower level questions ask for recall of

     facts; higher level questions demand analysis, association, valuing,

     and interpretation).


5.     Work to involve all students in discussion; don’t allow one or two

      students to dominate the time and discussion.


6.     Start on time; close on time.  Before closing, again summarize the theme (central thought) of the lesson.  (“We have learned that …..”).


7.     Speak clearly and with good volume.  Enunciate each word distinctly.


8.     Rather than telling a student he/she is wrong, approach the situation with a questions such as: (1) “Perhaps we can look at this issue in another way,” or (2) “Some see the issue as …..; let’s take this approach to see where it leads.”


9.     Teaching is more than “telling.” The best teacher will assist the student in finding the answer for himself/herself.


10.                         Show enthusiasm for teaching and the topic at hand.


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