From: fillmerhevener
To: webeditors@newsweek.com
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 4:41 PM
Subject: Harris article " Case Against Faith"
The following letter was sent to NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE in response to an attack by Sam Harris on believers in a Divine Designer.

Dear Editor:

Harris is another whining, shallow skeptic who thinks that he is exempt from offering evidence for his views.

He berates believers' positions as being "protected from the demands to give good evidence and valid arguments in defense of their ...beliefs."

Much so-called science is guilty of the very weakness that it attempts to place on the believer. For example, I have before me a book titled DARWIN IN THE GENOME, by Lynn Helena Caporale. She holds impeccable credentials, with a Ph. D. from the University of California; in addition, she has taught at New York University, Kettering Cancer Center, and Georgetown University.

However, no where in scientific writings do I find scientists and skeptics requiring her to explain where or how life began before the evolutionary process that she describes, could take place. The very first sentence of her PREFACE reads: "Long ago, consciounsness began to emerge within life on earth." The first sentence of her PROLOGUE states: "There was a moment in time when the dust itself edged, in slow motion, over a boundary into life."

Therefore, even though many skeptics accuse the believer of not offering good evidence and reasons for their belief in a Grand Designer, Dr. Caporale launches into her sermon on the evolutionary development of genes without a trace of evidence that dust can become alive though the magic of time. She offers no reason and no support for such an Alice-In-Wonderland position.

Thinkers will not be fooled by pseudo "scientists" and "skeptics" into believing that their positions are always based on experimentation, evidence, and reason. Skeptics can and do write great fiction! Harris is one such writer!

Fillmer Hevener, Ed. D.

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